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Hardwood floors, like any type of flooring, get dirty over time. It is important to have your floors professionally cleaned occasionally to keep your floors protected and preserved. How often your floor needs to be professionally cleaned depends largely on the amount of foot traffic that your hardwood floors receive. It is suggested that your floors should be cleaned 1-4 times a year. This is if your floor has a relatively normal amount of foot traffic. Let Heaven’s Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning take care of your hardwood floors!

Why Not Clean My Floors Myself?

Hardwood floor cleaning is a simple process to do regularly. Vacuuming and mopping your floors regularly will help them stay clean. However, certain areas of your home will get more wear and tear than other areas and will need a deep clean and sealing to keep them in good condition. Places like entryways are especially susceptible to damage from regular use. When sand and dirt are tracked in from the outdoors, the finish will rub away from your floor. If they are left this way it will damage or even warp the floor if water is tracked in regularly as well.

Kitchens are another area that gets above average foot traffic and spills. Areas near the sink can have water dripped on the floor regularly and spills. Keeping your floors clean and sealed will protect them from future spills and damage.

Our Process

Heaven’s Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning uses a unique cleaner made to clean, condition, and protect any type of laminate or hardwood floor. We will remove all the dirt and loose debris from the floor. Then we will use our powerful cleaning equipment to make your floors shine. We then apply a sealant to keep your floors clean and safe from any future accidents.

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