Upholstery Cleaning in Greensboro, NC

Bring New Life to Your Upholstery

Heaven’s Best Upholstery Cleaning will bring new life to your furniture. Furniture and carpets are not too different; both become dirty with time and use, and both benefit from professional cleaning. When a carpet has a lot of foot traffic it becomes dirty and loses its color. When furniture is sat on often, the same thing happens. Crumbs, dust, and other debris build up in cracks and crevices in the couch. The vibrant color of your furniture becomes dull from dust and dirt. Heaven’s Best is well-known for our carpet cleaning, and we also do a spectacular job with furniture cleaning.

Heaven’s Best Upholstery Cleaning uses a specially formulated cleaning solution to bring your furniture back to life. Our professional cleaning equipment can clean any upholstered surface. We can clean your couch and love seats, recliners, dining room chairs, and even the upholstery in your vehicles. We also clean mattresses and futons!

When we clean your furniture, we first identify the type of upholstery in your furniture. This is essential, as improper cleaning can damage the upholstery. After this, we apply our specialized cleaning solution. Our trained cleaning technicians know the proper way to clean any upholstered service. This means we will effectively and safely clean your furniture, leaving you satisfied with our work. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. You’ll be amazed how quickly your upholstery dries after we’ve cleaned it. Give us a call today!

Advantages of using Heaven's Best

Safe for all upholstery types.

Heavenly citrus scent when cleaning is finished.

Pet and family safe.

Restores upholstery to be "Like New"

Reduce allergens.

Dry in an Hour

Restore your furniture as opposed to buying new furniture.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned While We Are There

While our cleaners are at your house, take the opportunity to have your carpets cleaned as well. By having your furniture and carpets cleaned, your rooms will be left fresh and like new. Take a look at our Services page to see what else Heaven’s Best can do for you and your home!

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